On the terrace of history, in the heart of Hungary Székesfehérvár is one of the earliest ancient Hungarian towns, the medieval seat of Hungarian kings, coronation town, one of Hungary’s must-see destinations. Today it is one of the country’s strongest industrial cities, a transport junction between Budapest and the lake Balaton.

In the core of the strong economic center, shines as a jewel box the historic city center, renovated in 2013, which has preserved its medieval street structure. The unique cityscape is shaped by baroque churches and architectural masterpieces as well as countless emblematic public artwork. It is a significant cultural center with matchless museum values, collections, full of life, with Mediterranean atmosphere on summer nights. All through the year a lot of prestigious programs, that you can enjoy on the cozy terraces of downtown restaurants and cafes, enrich the life of the city.

The city places great emphasis on creating green areas and flowering. Just a few kilometers from downtown, one can find the melting pot of wonderful landscapes, the Sóstó, the green heart of the big city. More than half of the 218-hectare area is nationally protected, has a rich wildlife, including 12 domestic orchid species or nearly 80 locally nesting bird species, with remarkable fungi and insect world.

Székesfehérvár is unique being an encounter of ancient and new. In its renovated downtown, the tendril-shaped night lights, built in the pavement, connect the centuries-old walls and 21st century innovation technology. A walk in the city feels like a real time travel that spans over thousand years.

The Hungarian American Football is developing in huge steps since the first game was played in 2005. From 2016 the Federation cooperates with the Digi Sport TV, and from then, most of the Hungarian Footbal League games are broadcasted.

Székesfehérvár – the coronation city – plays a big role in the hungarian American Football history. In 2016 they built the first and currently the only 120-yard stadium with American football standards.

The field has also become the home field of the national team. Later a 120 yard turf field was also built, so now two official american football fields helps us to host the 2020 FISU World University American Football Championship.

Our higher education supporters are Corvinus University and Óbuda University.

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